Chuck basher

chuck basher

Welcome to this pissening sickening saga that is all things related to Jason Genova and the Delray Misfits. New? Wondering "who the hell is. Doesn't take much to melt CHUCK BASHER down. dude is as malleable as soft tin. He is not of the iron; he is of the tin of peace. Likes, Comments - Jason Genova (@lordvader25) on Instagram: “It me Chuck Basher”.

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For The Unaware Gay 4 Pay & Prostitution Are A Big Part Of Bodybuilding Subculture

Chuck basher - tjejer

Little did this voodoo tribal ape know, Jason Genova commands an army of online pisstroopers. Wow it's amazing how my video went viral so quick. That's how complicated the question "Who is Jason Genova? The videos, the Facebook posts, the instagram pictures, the radio talk shows all form a vast and complicated web that one must do his best to keep track of. This will lead many kids down the path of recreational drugs and heroin based pain killers. Kali Muscle exposed, Gay4pay "alias Chuck Basher". chuck basher

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